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Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

Black Moon Web
A full web and application development center, Black Moon Web is a total resource for all aspects of digital marketing and creation. Our clients are able to utilize our services to create custom web applications, phone applications, logo design, hosting, and database design. From conception to deployment, Black Moon Web provides all your professional needs.

A company dedicated to bring a cutting-edge phone and web-based app to all professional and amateur entertainment industry workers, and to create new portals of business for the entertainment industry.

Caity's Catering
A catering company specializing in plant-based foods, located in the Coachella Valley, Santa Barbara, and Malibu California.

Associated Companies

An internet security company dedicated to creating the best in algorithm technology. Offering services in transactional security to secure cloud storage and encrypted file sharing, using their proprietary algorithm Helix.

The Helix Project
A new top-tier encryption algorythm used for transactional security. The latest in multi-encrypted rolling algorythm technologies.

Tesseract Vault
A fully secure cloud system with proprietary apps for iPhone and Android enabling secure transfer of sensitive files between the device and our servers. File sharing capabilities and file unlocking are embedded features in the software.